Wash Water Treatment Systems

Wash water treatment systems provide a better tomorrow by protecting our environment today. A biological wash water treatment system can save thousands of gallons of water by recycling and clarifying wash water for reuse. We customize each and every water treatment system - let us build one that is perfect for your business. Use our water savings calculator below to see your weekly and annual water savings with our wash water treatment systems.

How Much Water Can You Save?

Pressure Washer GPM

Hours washing daily

Days washing weekly

Weekly Gallons Saved

Annual Gallons Saved

Customizable Systems

Our wash water recycling systems are designed for the rigorous day to day processing of your wash water. Whether it’s heavy grass clippings and pesticides or mud and oils, our wash water recycling systems can recycle and reclaim up to 35 Gallons per minute of your wash water.

The SCE BIO (Industrial or Golf and Turf) allow you to choose a skid mounted system that is best suited system for your location and your wastestream. Each series carries a unique set of add-on options to help you not only clean your equipment faster, but recycle and re-use your wash water with a small footprint.

EPA Friendly

Avoid costly penalties with our wash water recycling systems. Whether you’re currently washing golf carts and mowers or bulldozers and excavators, our systems will help ensure you’re up to code.

Design and Consultation

We know a great, well-thought out design is key in providing you with a long-term wastewater solution. We offer free design and consultation on all systems we sell. This not only benefits you but allows us to run the proper tests on your wash water stream to fine tune the components for your recycling system.

Our free services include visits to your site, analysis for your wastestream, selection of wash water recycling components dependent on needs and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) drawings.

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Start saving water, money and keeping up with local and federal regulations. View all of our wash water recycling systems and accessories available.

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