Accessories for the SCE BIO wash water treatment systems increase your productivity and the overall effectiveness of your system. This ranges from heavy washing to remove chunks of mud or pre-treatment tanks…


Supercharges your wash water recycling system

Compatible with your new or existing systems

Industrial grade for constant usage

Before, during and after treatment accessories


Hot Water Pressure Washer for water recycling systems

Pressure Washers

Pressure washers allow for the quick cleaning of vehicles and equipment. We offer hot water or cold water systems including: Electric or gasoline powered, electric, Diesel or natural gas heated, 2,000 to 10,000 PSI, low to high GPM and more. We also offer remote control start up and operation of the equipment to help speed up the cleaning process.

Water Cannon

Water Cannon

This high volume water cannon system acts like a water blaster, pre-washing heavy equipment and tracked vehicles. The tough, high gallon per minute centrifugal system blasts away mud and dirt for an easier and shorter workload during the pressure wash cycle. Remote is standard on the water cannon system.

Pre-treatment tanks for wash water recycling systems and closed loop systems

Pre-Treatment Tanks

Quality pre-treatment of wash water is important for all water treatment systems. This pre-treatment tank can be added to any water treatment system for effective removal of pollutants before being recycled and clarified for reuse and disposal.

Sump Pits and Catch Basins, Plastic in Ground

Catch Basins / Collection Pits

In-ground fiberglass pit components help create the appropriate pre-treatment pit system for wash water recycle systems or sewer discharge. These systems are customizable to fit any location and easily installed by a 3rd party contractor.

Pit Cleaning Suction System With Vacuum and Filter Bag

Pit Cleaning System

Keeping your pit clear of solids is essential for your wash water treatment system. Solids slowly build up in pits, making proper water flow an issue. This pit cleaner allows for the suction of the solids, which is kept in a sack for quick and easy disposal.

Wash Pad Containers In Ground or Above Ground

Wash Pads

Above ground wash pads allow for a much quicker installation time compared to permanent in ground concrete wash pads. Above grounds also allow for future customization or for portability when moving sites.

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