The SCE BIO Skid Series utilize fixed-film bacteria in conjunction with coalescing media and oxygen to decontaminate wastewater for businesses who regularly clean industrial, agricultural and contractor equipment. This environmentally friendly system utilizes various tank sizes and flow rates which create retention time for the proper treatment of wastewater streams. Diesel repair facilities, equipment washing operations and municipalities all rely on the BIO Skid Systems to effectively clean their soiled water and keep their operation running smoothly.


Skid mounted system allows for portability, quick installation and access

Designed for industrial sites with heavy oil, grease and biological media

Processing flow rates of up to 35 gallons per minute of wash water

CSA approved control panel meets the US and Canadian standards

Major Components

CSA NEMA 4 Control Panel

NEMA 4 Rated Panel

NEMA 4 rated, corrosion proof control panel for safe and reliable operation

Easy Installation

Quick Installation

Clear connection markings designed for quick accessibility and set up

Passivation Process For Stainless Steel Tanks

Passivation Process

The stainless steel tanks go through a passivation process after welding

Models Available

Model GPM Bio Media Tank Capacity Sump Pump Transfer Pump Power Dimensions Weight
BIO-20D 20 2,304 ft² 890 gallons 1/2 HP 230v, 10ph, 15a 8′ x 4′ x 4′ 950 lbs.
BIO-20R 20 2,304 ft² 890 gallons 1/2 HP 1.5 HP 230v, 10ph, 15a 8′ x 6′ x 4′ 1,092 lbs.
BIO-25R 25 3,456 ft² 1,434 gallons 1/2 HP 2.0 HP 230v, 10ph, 15a 12′ x 6′ x 4′ 1,680 lbs.
BIO-35R 35 6,480 ft² 2,244 gallons 1/2 HP 2.0 HP 230v, 10ph, 15a 12′ x 7′ x 5′ 1,900 lbs.




Item Description Fits
Tank Mount Bracket Used to mount waterfall filter to BIO-tank, stainless steel BIO-20, BIO-25, BIO-35 Models
Wall Mount Bracket Used to mount waterfall filter to wall BIO-20, BIO-25, BIO-35 Models
Submersible Sump Pump Stainless steel replacement, 1/2 HP, 230v, 10 phase, 5.0 amp BIO-20, BIO-25, BIO-35 Models
Peristaltic Pump Self priming for passive automatic liquid microbe injection All Models
Replacement Sump Pump Surface mount, 1.0 HP, 130v, 8 amp All Models
Aeration Pump BIO-25
BIO-35 Models
Transfer Pump All Models
Buck Booster Adjusts voltage on equipmen6, mounted on unit All Models
Trap and Basket 6 inch All Models
Cone Bottom Tank Bracket, 300 Gallons Powder coated bracket to mount waterfall filter Consult Factory
Air Fine Bubble Injector 2 inch, Mazzei used for aeration BIO-20
BIO-35 Models
Mazzei Venturi Air Injection System All Models
Aluminum Round Sump Pit Lightweight aluminum design; 4″ NPT inlet; 2″ in” x 2″ in” NPT and 1″ x 3/4″ NPT outlets, 52 gallon capacity Consult Factory
Aluminum Sump Grating Lightweight aluminum design, cover for sump pit Consult Factory
BIO System Filter Filter before pressure washer, includes filter housing, filter, mounting bracket and wrench All Models
Peristaltic Pump Assembly Single metering pump wired into BIO unit, control box for automatic liquid microbe injection All Models
Towable Grass Cart Grass from the waterfall filter is collected and de-watered, can be easily transported for disposal All Models
Dual Peristaltic Pump Assembly Two metering pumps in one set up for dual liquid injection All Models
Plug-In Single Perstaltic Pump Assembly Single metering pump with 120v plug and 54″ power cord for liquid microbe injection, ideal for injections into pits and tank, requires outlet All Models


Item Description Fits
Pinch Valve Assembly Pinch valve, bladder style (used on cone bottom tanks) All Models
550 Gallon Expansion For when larger volume of the waste stream is desired All Models
Epoxy-Lined Tank High solid polyamide epoxy-lined tank is chemical and corrosion-resistant Aluminum Models Only
pH Control System, 120v For when pH adjustment is needed All Models
Dual pH Control, 230v or 115v Two set points where pH can be adjusted either up or down All Models
Hour Meter Displays the number of hours unit has been in operation All Models
Auxiliary Poly Tank Allows you to treat the BIO water with ozone in a separate poly tank All Models
Ozone* Where sterilization of the waste stream is desired (Stainless Steel Models Only) BIO-25R-1M10
Magnetic Drive Pump Seal-less pump All Models
BIO Sump Pump Swap Customized option, converts submersible pump to surface-mount sump pump BIO-20R
BIO-35R Models
High Solids Media Allows for debris to travel easily through media with vertical design All Models
High Solids Media Allows for debris to travel easily through media with vertical design All Models
Heater Promotes heat for microbes, additional 20A required All Models

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