After 25 years of designing and building wash racks all around the country, we realized that some businesses needed more flexibility in how they recycle their wash water. With our newest system, the SCE CONTAIN-IT, all components are installed and plumbed within a Conex Container, allowing for a single point of hookup for water and power.

Like our SCE BIO system, the SCE CONTAIN-IT features a completely modular system, allowing us to pick and choose the right components to ensure your water returns as clean as possible. The SCE CONTAIN-IT is the perfect solution for any site that doesn’t require a permanent wash water recycling system or for those who prefer to have all senstive equipment shielded from the elements. With the ability to ship and recycle nearly anywhere with electricity (direct power or generator), a water source and a wash pad, it’s never been easier to recycle your wash water.

Components are permanently mounted inside the container with a single point of hookup for water and power

Customized for your waste stream with up to 40 GPM of water recycling

Ship and begin recycling your water nearly anywhere with an existing wash pad system
Free Design and Consultation to ensure your water is properly recycled no matter your wastestream


Sizes 8′ x 20′ x 8′ 8′ x 40′ x 8′
Standard Features Overhead lighting 100 AMP Panel electrical outlets and service disconnects Venting (overhead or side panel) Epoxy flooring Camlock piping from Conex to water tank Mounted hose reel with wand holder
Options Second container for storage of tanks, pad, etc. AC/heater unit FRP panels with insulation 200 AMP panel upgrade Storage cabinet (nozzles, PPE, etc.) Custom colors of Conex container Solar power and/or onboard generator power


  1. Water flows from the optional Pressure Washer(s) or water hose on to the wash pad.
  2. From the wash pad, the pump sucks the wash water towards the system.
  3. The wash water is then pumped into the IPF Filter, removing any debris up to 5 micron.
  4. The wash water is then pumped into the Bioremediation Tank, where microbials are introduced by the PM-1000 to treat the water.
  5. The wash water then gravity feeds into the Solids Settling Tank, where solids drop to the bottom of the tank.
  6. The REC2 receives the wash water from the Solids Settling Tank, ozonating it to remove odor/color. The water is then pumped to the Finished Water Tank.
  7. The REC2 retrieves the water from the Finished Water Tank & pumps it back to the Pressure Washer to start the cycle over again.